The IAm App: Turnkey, Easy, Self-Promoting…

Your own personalized, branded app for both iPhone and Android for $99 per month. And add Live Streaming for just another $99 per month.

  • Can be published to the Apple and Android app stores in just days
  • No ongoing maintenance or effort on your part
  • Uses existing your social media and websites, so managing content for the app is 100% effortless
  • Join hundreds of other celebrities, charities and brands as part of The IAm App Community from Day 1

  • Ability for users to comment, follow each other, share on social media, and build on your community.
  • Send notifications to your fans on your app, increasing engagement.
  • Up to seven screens (pages inside your app).
  • Get more followers, fans, likes and shares on your Twitter, Facebook and other social media as you drive engagement directly on your social media (and your website*) from right inside the app.

Add Live Streaming to your app for just $99 per month!

The IAm App Platform

The IAm App is a cross-platform app for both smartphones and tablets that enables users to follow the aggregated social media content of celebrities, businesses and any subscription-paying entity that wishes to use the app for its own promotional benefit. Each individual app is designed to condense every tweet, post, pic and video into one easy to use and follow main page. Our collection of users and content creators are linked by the app into the greater IAm community, where they can comment, interact and share content from all the various social media platforms. Only on The IAm App can fans watch videos of their favorite celebrities on Youtube, while staying up to date on their most recent Instagram pictures, tweets and Facebook posts. The IAm App is adaptive and can add in personal or favored charity websites, IMDB for actors as well as promotional web pages that allow users to purchase tour tickets for upcoming appearances, etc.

How to Order

Simply put in your credit card or Paypal information and then fill out the form after you pay with your social media information, website (not required!) and other screens. Choose your own IAm App for $99 per month. And add Live Streaming for just another $99 per month.

Payment options

Payment options